Features updated.

1) The ways to describe dosing history in the simulation of manual dosing in simulation by scenario were now the same as those of NONMEM.

     IV bolus: AMT > 0, RATE=0 or ".", MDV=1

     Infusion:  AMT >0, RATE >0, MDV=1

     DV (dependent variables: concentraitons of a drug ro response to a drug): MDV=0

2) The algorithm to calculate the dose required to maintain a target concentraion in individual infusion and simulation was further adjusted and now became more accurate.



1) The algorithm employed in simulation by scenario is that implemented in Stan pump.

2) The algorithms in individual infusion and simulation can be chosen in the menu for setting: Bionet or Stan pump algorithms

3) All new versions in this download page were released after testing all the functions including individual infusion and simulation, and simulation by scenario.