New features of fit4NM 3.4.0

1. Full support of NONMEM 7.2.0

    1) automatic creation of run table and summary of the NONMEM result

    2) parallel computing: FPI and MPI methods

        (1) NONMEM can be run in parallel computing (MPI or FPI)

        (2) Bootstrap, predictive checks, case deletion/Jackknife diagnostics, log-likelihood profiling, cross validation

             randomization test and WAM method can be run in parallel computing (MPI or FPI)

2. In the previous version,  case deletion/Jackknife diagnostics and cross validation did not support a NONMEM run in which covariance step was not successful. This bug was fixed in fit4NM 3.4.0.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you find errors or bugs in this version of fit4NM.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to develop English manual. But you can intuitively find how fit4NM works and we hope you do so.

In every menu creating NONMEM run, you will find "options" button. Press this button, and you can find parallelization menus.

And, in the environment settings, you need to designate the path for parallel computing, for example: *.pnm (MPI, FPI) and psexec.exe.

Good luck!