Installation of fit4NM 3.4.3
1. R version: 2.13.1 (
2. Package install: cairoDevice, gWidgets, gWidgetRGtk2, tkrplot
3. GTK2 runtime: gtk2-runtime-2.22.0-2010-10-21-ash.exe (
4. RGtk2 package: version 2.20.12
    A. First delete [RGtk2]_latest version in c:\Program Files\R\R-2.13.0\library\ 
    B. Then, copy [RGtk2]_2.20.12 into c:\Program Files\R\R-2.13.0\library\
5. Package install from local zip file: fit4NM 3.4.3. and (RGtk version 2.20.12) are attached.

And minor bugs in the previous version were fixed.