For example!

Default NONMEM: c:\nm72\util\nmfe72.bat (you don't have to modify nmfe72.bat in fit4NM 3.4.0)

Default NONMEM help: c:\nm72\html\index.htm

psexec.exe: c:\nm72\run\psexec.exe (just copy psexec.exe to any folder)

pnm file for mpi method of parallelization: c:\nm72\run\mpiwini8.pnm (just copy mpiwini8.pnm to any folder)

pnm file for fpi method of parallelization: c:\nm72\run\fpiwini8.pnm (just copy fpiwini8.pnm to any folder)

Alternative NONMEM: c:\nmvi\fit4NM\nmfe6.bat (you need to modify nmfe6.bat, put rem to the lines including del)

Alternative NONMEM help: c:\nmvi\html\index.htm